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Craamer wishes to reach closer to the textile industry with consultancy services in environment friendly innovations and sustainable developments. Craamer concentrates on specific textile processes as well as Research/Development in the textile industry. Craamer has worked in the textile industry for over 48 years and has a highly technical background, coupled with his lengthly, practical, hands-on international industry experience.

Has extensive knowledge and experience in weaving, knitting, spinning, pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, coating, finishing and inkjet applications on textiles.

Till today 2023, I am the only person with futurist ideas how to make the textile industry really world friendly. But it seams always, money and corruption is more important than our world. 
Made presentations at key international trade shows and conferences worldwide like in Zuerich, Medellin, Sao Paulo, Recife, Amsterdam,Hong Kong, Bogota, etc.

Contributed to numerous conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. in more than 35 countries
Is an accomplished linguist with strong English, German, Dutch, Spanish and French language skills experience in Italian and Portuguese.
Published many articles and reports like in Textile Asia, Melliand Textilberichte, Textiles Panamericanos etc. and has more than 50 worldwide patents on his name as inventor.

Craamer in Colombia
Craamer - AATCC
Outstanding Performance Award 2000
EU Innovation and Sustainability Award 2006
Outstanding Performance Award 2000
AATCC Walkway
EU Innovation and Sustainability Award 2006
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